"Mergi alături de gloată, niciodată în mijloc, nicicând în frunte.”


About US

Sondaje Marketing Relații Publice Ltd is a company founded in 2006 and the main activity is market research and polls/surveys. The second activity, which highly uses the surveys results, is business and management consultancy.


From January 2008, our company owns a quality management certification for the services we offer.


We are a young, ambitios and active team, with specialized studies in polls and surveys, public relations, policy analysis, sociology and international relations.


Hence, we accomplished over 200 polls and marketing surveys on various topics and fields, such as political/electoral, administrative, financial consultancy, pharmaceutical industry, building field, telecommunications; three exit-polls. We accomplished the most precise exit-poll in the country, with a 0,5 % and 1,5% error.


Our company is member of Small and Medium Enterprises Federal Union from Germany (BVMW), being part of several economic missions and conferences.


Sondaje Marketing Relații Publice Ltd is part of Transilvania Cloud Association and ADESCO.


We own a complete and complex infrastructure to realize any sort of survey or poll in any part of the country, in the shortest time possible.


We provide quality data analysis using own statistics software licenses, SPSS 16.0.


For any other details please contact us.